Sunday, 16 November 2014

Priests Promoting Priestly Vocations - Bishop Denis Nulty speaks..

Bishop Denis Nulty. Photo: Courtesy iCatholic“If we as priests don’t encourage this culture of discernment, the young men who want to become priests .. will slip through the cracks.”

Priests need to reclaim their voice again in encouraging vocations Bishop Denis Nulty has said as he emphasised that the most important group who can promote vocations are priests themselves.
Speaking on the topic ‘Priests Promoting Priestly Vocations’ at the recent Lismullin Priests Seminar, the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin told the assembled clergy, “We priests have a special responsibility to promote vocations.”

Referring to the fact that every diocese is obliged to have a diocesan vocations director, the Bishop said that he had given a very clear brief to his recently appointed director to resource and support the priests of the diocese in their work as vocations directors.

He underlined that the work of encouraging vocations mustn’t be left at the door of the vocations director in the diocese.

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